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Releasing Our Patreon Episodes!

That Kind Of Nerd March 10, 2021

Release the Patreon. We’ll admit it’s not as catchy as “The Snydercut” but it’s time to dig into the vault and release some high-quality episodes for FREE on the main feed during our off weeks. Coming Episodes Include Spoilercast: A Star Is Born Spoilercast: Captain Marvel Spoilercast: Shazam! Spoilercast: Hobbs […]

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263: Spoliercast: WandaVision

That Kind Of Nerd March 8, 2021

SPOILER WARNING FOR WandaVision Episode 263! Josh, Brian, and CJ are ready to talk about Marvel’s limited series WandaVision. Get ready to hear our 1st impressions, favorite episode, and favorite moments. We also address the internet fan theories that went a little out of control this time around. Tell us […]

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262: Made with Solid Board

That Kind Of Nerd February 14, 2021

Episode 262! We follow up about the “Snyder Cut Meal” Brian is ready to talk WandaVision spoilers Josh can’t take this terrible Pixar ranking, so we did our own! Cape Talk That Justice League Meal Kit Has Turned Absolutely Inscrutable See the Full Menu The Gofundme for CJ’s Mother Box […]

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Another Snyder Cut Promise

That Kind Of Nerd February 1, 2021

Episode 261! It’s a NEW Blockbuster! CJ Makes another promise about Justice League. Nicolas Cage is doing a FNAF (ish) movie. All this and more… Blockbuster 2.0 Everything coming to HBO MAX Everything coming to Amazon Prime Everything coming to Netflix Crisis trailer Cape Talk Zack Snyder’s Justice League has […]