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26: My MK-Ultra Status

That Kind Of Nerd October 12, 2015 11

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Help support a fellow nerd Jon Negroni author of The Pixar Theory (as referenced on Episode 12) Jon will be coming on our show in a few weeks! Why don’t you prep by reading his book? Go to SlimBooks and pickup a copy for only $7!

* Time to discuss the latest rumors about your favorite comic book characters coming to a theatre or small screen near you.
* Scorsese, De Niro, Pacino and Pesci team up for mob blockbuster?! (Source BGR)
Jesse Eisenberg may not playing the “Lex Luthor” we thought he would in Batman v Superman. (Source Polygon)
* Disney changes their movie timeline to allow for more movies! But there are some casualties and delays along the way.
* A Fan sent us a link about How to Mad Max Your Ride leading us to ask. What nerdy vehicle would you want to own?
* **Spoiler Alter** CW premiers of Flash and Arrow are finally here! Are you a fan of these shows? What do you think of these episodes?

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