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23: The 90’s Nostalgia Rabbit Hole

That Kind Of Nerd September 14, 2015 6

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* Brian combed through the list of Fall TV shows so you can know what is worth your time.
* If you haven’t gotten into Doctor Who please read Josh’s Doctor Who for Beginners.

We go down nostalgia rabbit whole with 3 amzing topics

* Mario Maker unleashing creativity for people looking to make their own Mario levels. If you made a level please share it with us in the comments.
* Pokémon Go trailer hits the web. This is perhaps the most advance MMO that is powered by mobile gaming!
* The final trip down memory lane is a project from Paramount Studios is a “avengers like project” called NickToons! Character from Ren and Stimpy, Hey Arnold, Rugrats and many more will be converging on the big screen together! A mix of live action and animation sure to take you back to your childhood. (or the early 90’s if you weren’t a kid then)

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